Creating coupons

Coupons are entered by customers either in their cart or during checkout. You can create coupons that apply only to your products as follows.

  1. Click the Add New Coupon button on the Coupons tab of your vendor dashboard.

  2. Fill in the fields as appropriate. Following are notes for the available fields.

Coupon Title is the code customers enter to apply the coupon. It's best to use letters only. Spaces are acceptable but it's generally easier for customers to remember and enter single words. Capitalization isn't significant: the code works regardless of what combination of upper and lower case characters customers enter.

Text entered in the Description field is for your reference and is not visible to customers. It may be helpful to enter a quick summary of what the coupon does.

Discount Type allows you to select from two types of discounts: a percentage discount that applies to all relevant products in a customer's cart and a fixed product discount that deducts a fixed dollar amount from all relevant products.

Amount accepts a percentage if percentage discount was selected for the Discount Type field (a percentage sign is unnecessary) or a dollar amount if fixed product discount was selected.

Email Restrictions can be ignored as it is not currently functional.

Usage Limit is the total number of times a coupon can be used by any customer.

Usage Limit Per User is the total number of times a coupon can be used by a single customer. You'll probably usually want to set this to 1.

Expire Date is the expiration date of the coupon. After the date specified the coupon will no longer work. Leave the field blank if you don't want the coupon to automatically expire.

Exclude Sale Items is not currently functional and can be disregarded.

Minimum Amount is the minimum amount a customer must spend for the coupon to apply. Note that this includes all products from all vendors, not just your products. For example, if you enter 20 in this field and a customer checks out with $10 worth of your products and $10 worth of products from other vendors, the coupon will apply.

The Products field accepts a list of all products to which the coupon applies. You can only select your own products. If you'd like the coupon to apply to all products in your store, click the Select All button.

Select the Apply for New Products option to automatically apply the coupon to products added to your store after the coupon has been created.

The Exclude Products field can be disregarded. Simply select the products you'd like the coupon to apply to in the Products field. The coupon won't apply to products not selected in that field.

The Show on Store option can be disregarded as it has no effect.

You can discontinue a coupon by either setting its expiration date to any date in the past or deleting it. To delete a coupon, hover over the coupon title in the coupons list and click the Delete link.

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