Assinging products to different user roles (EBT / Wholesale)

Customer Role Visibility for Products

  • Go to the “Vendor Dashboard” and then click on the “Products” tab in the sidebar
  • Click on the product you want to edit
  • Scroll down to the “Visibility (By User Roles)” section at the bottom of the page

  • Click the checkbox(es) for the roles you want the product to be visible for, then click the “Save Product” button

How It Works

  • If a customer just has the “retail” role and no others, they will be able to see all products that have “retail” selected as visible (which is the default)
  • If a customer has a “EBT” role assigned, they will only be able to see products that have their role marked as visible
  • If a product has visibility selected for multiple customer roles it will be available to any customers with one of those matching roles, and if no pricing rule is set than all customer roles will see the same product at the same price.

How It Works (Wholesale)

  • The Wholesale customer role has two filters on the shop page, “Wholesale” (default) and “Retail”
  • When the “Wholesale” filter is selected, it behaves the same as other role-specific visibility. The user will only see products that are marked as visible to Wholesale or have Wholesale-specific prices set
  • When the “Retail” filter is selected, it shows any products that are not marked as visible to Wholesale and do not have Wholesale-specific prices set
  • If a product is set for "retail" and "wholesale" but has a pricing rule set for "wholesale", it will not show up in the retail section that wholesale buyers see.

Example #1

A product is marked as visible to Retail and Wholesale, and Discount Wholesale role with a special discount price.

Any regular Retail customers, customers with Wholesale, and customers with Discount Wholesale assigned will be able to see the product in the shop.

The product would not be visible to “EBT” users.

Example #2

A product is marked as visible to EBT customers only.

The product would be visible to customers that have the EBT role assigned.

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