Adding Delivery Drivers

To Add a Delivery Driver Role:

If you are adding a Delivery Driver to your market hub, you will either have them sign up as a customer first, or create a new user, under Users > Add New. 

Then Market Hub Managers can add the "Delivery Driver" role to that User by searching for the User, and the Editing the Customer Role.

That will then add the "Stripe Connect" tab to their "My Account" area

To Connect to Stripe:

It is set up the exact same way as the MHM Stripe Connect. It may request more information a few times, so they'll need to check back every once in a while (just like MHM usually has to) until all the information is verified.

It may show something like this which means the submitted information is being verified

It may show something like this which means Stripe needs more info to be verified (usually happens a few times)

Once it shows this it means the user can start receiving payments

To Assign Zip Codes per Delivery Driver:

Go into your Market Hub Agenda and click on the Delivery Settings where you add Zip Codes where home delivery is being offered. 

You can now assign a different delivery driver to each zip code. If no delivery driver or user is selected per zip code, that zip codes delivery fee will go to the Market Hub Manager connected account. This gives the Market Hub Manager the opportunity to do deliveries.

** Make sure you've agreed with your Driver on what area codes they are willing to drive deliveries for, and what price per Zip Code. If a driver is charging the customer $9 for a delivery, they will get $7.44 net after fees. 

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