Easy Marketing Steps for Producers

Tell Us Who You Are

You didn’t start your business because it’s an easy thing to do. We know that you’re motivated by love of craft, commitment to stewardship of the land, and a whole host of other inspirations that you’ve shared with us. Please keep sharing with us and your customers.

Customers are much more likely to buy products from producers and brands they feel connected to. Share the story of who you are, what your business does, and what you love about your work by filling out the Bio section of your store.

Send your market hub manager 3-5 photos that illustrate who you are personally, or what your business is dedicated to, and write a brief introduction to your business to be featured in an Open or Reminder marketing email. Specify if the products mentioned or any specials or discounts you have are time sensitive so market hub managers can prioritize your feature.

Help Your Customers Find You

Now that your FarmDrop store is set up and stocked, make sure that your customers know about this new way to find your products. 

  1. Drop one of the banners below into your existing newsletter or mailing list emails.
    1. Download Banners >> Banner 1 // Banner 2
    2. See Folder in Google Drive with both PNG images >> Link
  2. Add one of the banners to your website, or drop them in social media.
  3. Hyperlink the banners where you can with the url to the hub or your store

Banner 1

Banner 2

TIP: To hyperlink directly to your store in FarmDrop, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your store on FarmDrop & copy the url from the navigation bar
  2. You can use that url to add a hyperlink to the banner any place you use it.

See example of Abrahams Creamery URL when navigating to that page.

Social Media >> Connect our followers and yours!

1. Build the network - Follow us your market hub's IG account and follow @farmdropus and repost static posts and share to stories.
2. Promote your market - Tag all markets you sell in when you make a post (search FarmDrop and they should pop up one by one)
TIP: When you tag your market hub, @farmdropus, and fellow producers in your market, you make it easier for cross promotion. In other words, your same marketing effort or post can be spread more widely and get in front of more new customers without any additional work from you. You can also repost your fellow producers posts about their farm or their involvement in FarmDrop to show how we are a collaborative marketing network beyond just being listed on the same marketplace to generate value.

3. Paid Promotions - You can do promotions through your Facebook and IG to promote your store

4. Share Your URL - Put the market hub url in your social media posts and profile, by copying the url of the Market Info page in your hub >> i.e https://farmdrop.us/market/berwick/ <<  or use your own store’s url as shown above to drive customers to your products.

5. Cross-promote - Be active on your market hub's Facebook and IG page, and cross-promote fellow FarmDrop producers.

Drive Sales

1. Word of mouth - It makes a difference who is inviting who to the party! Let your community know about your participation in FarmDrop, ask your market hub for flyers, to encourage them to place an order. Lead by example and place an order yourself to support your hub.

2. Vendor Coupons - Use coupons for your products and let market hub managers know what coupons you are using so they can include in your features if you want widespread marketing.

3. Market Hub Coupons - If your market hub manager has created a promotion with a frepickup, or other coupon, make sure to let your customers know, as this is a free promotion for you that will still drive your sales and that of the whole market by engaging new customers. Ask your market hub to let you know how and when they might do this so you can be ready.

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