Adding a pickup location

Adding a pickup location can be a great way to grow your network, and engage producers in direct marketing. Producers selling on your market hub can be great options for a pickup location as they already have infrastructure, and know how with the systems and the basics of order handling.
The following outlines some basic steps to establishing a new market's pickup location, or adding a new one at any time:

Pickup location must meet the following requirements:

  • Safe location for customers to come and get their order
  • Clearly has Proof of General Liability Insurance based on their operation (will need to submit proof)
  • Availability for coordinating a self-serve/contactless pickup preferably on same day as market hub's
  • Space to keep items fresh/frozen (coolers / insulated bags / refrigerators / freezers)
  • Be able to follow whatever guidelines the market hub manger provides for the pickup's order fulfillment

Agreements with pickup locations:

  • An MOU must be signed between pickup locations, FarmDrop and Market Hub Manager: Download Template, fill out and send to with all the relevant email addresses and names of signees in the body of the email, so we can put it through DocuSign and get is signed easily by all parties. 
  • Everyone agrees to promote the pickup location through the Market Info link of the market hub
  • A pickup fee can apply that goes to the Market Hub Manager who then can pay pickup location drivers or coordinators (+$3 or +$5) 
  •  A market hub manager can pay producers or drivers a portion of the $5 order handling fee per order going to each pickup, if no additional fee applies
  • Pickup locations must communicate with market hub managers about any forgotten orders and needed refunds as part of their responsibility.

Making the Logistics work:

  • Market hub managers will be responsible for setting up the order fulfillment, but not necessarily packing the orders or bringing bags to pickup.
  • A producer-run pickup is unique in that they drop off products at the hub, and can help pack bags and bring back to location if timing is right.
  • If the pickup location is not a producer selling on FarmDrop they will most likely expect a delivery of the orders.  
  • A producer-run pickup location, or a 3rd party location + delivery service, will support returning reusable materials weekly.

Adding the pickup location to the online market

To add the pickup location to the Market Info section of the front end, market hub managers will follow these instructions:
>> Go to Market Hub Manager Dashboard, click on Market Agenda, click Pickup sites, look for a (+) sign to the right of the current pickup, and start inserting the data for the new pickup location:

TIP: Remember to click Update on the top right corner of page.

Make sure all the info is correctly displaying in the front end:

  • Customers choose at checkout what pickup location they want to pickup at, but they will need to know before deciding to order about the pickup location details through the Market Info page on your market's hub. You will need to make sure all the information is correct and then copy the URL with the pickup location info and market it through all your channels.
>> How to get the Market Info URL:
  • When logged in, your Market Info is next to Schedule in top left corner > click to open > use this link to promote your pickup locations.

From Front End, when not logged in, here is how you get to Market Info:

Collaborative marketing with pickup location:

>> send marketing email out announcing the new pickup location and details using Market Info link (see above)
>> add the information to the banner section of the site, and add it to social media several times
>> ask FarmDrop HQ Marketing ( to add the pickup location to the market's Landing page so you can use it effectively with all the relevant data for customers to make decisions if you are still using this page to get new sign ups in social media for example. 

>> when we have a front end pickup-based system FarmDrop HQ Marketing will need to be notified to add the pickup to the system for it to be easily found by customers as we develop better pickup locations marketing. 

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