Configure Payouts


>> save on Stripe fees applied to Automatic Daily payouts, and change to Manual or Weekly Monday. 

>> Monday is the best day for everyone to choose because all our markets are done with distribution by Friday, and that gives 48hrs for refunds.

>> You must have enough funds in your Stripe account at all times for any refunds that are needed.

Please follow these instructions to set up your Manual or Automatic Weekly Pay Outs. 

> Login to Stripe >>

> Click on Balances

> Go to More drop down menu on far right of screen all the way past Payout to Bank

> Configure Payout Settings

> Automatic Weekly Monday or Manual >> SAVE

> Check your Settlement Report in FarmDrop Vendor Dashboard Weekly to do reconciliation.

Preferred, if you don't want to have to ever go into Stripe after setting it up >> Use Settlement Report in Vendor Dashboard for reconciliation.

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