Review orders

Visit your dashboard menu to review Weekly Orders

  1. Log into your account 
  2. Click on the “Weekly Orders” tab in yourvendordashboard menu
  3. The default for weekly orders will fall for the week currently in, if you need a different time to show you may put in any date range.
  4. Click on “Generate Report”, then “Open Report” you can view and download either a PDF or CSV.
  5. Print this report to use as a guide when packing orders, and bring it with you to delivery
  6. To cross-reference your order numbers, go to “Reports” → “Top Selling”, and enter in the correct time frame (the Saturday-Wednesday or Thursday that ordering took place). If the order number in Reports does not match the number in the Weekly Orders report, please contact your site manager.
  7. Never delete products that have been sold during an ordering period before you download your weekly orders for that week. Doing so will make you unable to pull the report since the system will not be able to find the product that the customer ordered. If you want to hide it from your store simply put it in “draft” mode.

REFUND: If an order has been cancelled but withdraws from the customer’s account or any other quality issue you may need to issue a refund.

Please contact us to help with the refund process, make sure to include the order # and item.

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