How to schedule Stripe payouts

  1. Login to your Stripe Account at 
  2. In the menu on the left, click on Balance, then Settings
  3. Change from Automatic “every day” to “every week”, and having your week day be Wednesday for proper reporting.
  4. You can also choose Manual, but this will bundle your transactions and you will have to manually deposit your Stripe account balance into your bank account

From the Stripe website:

To receive funds for payments you’ve processed, Stripe makes deposits (payouts) of your available account balance into your bank account. This account balance is comprised of different types of transactions (e.g., payments, refunds, etc.).

Once you start processing with Stripe, your first payout is made 7-10 days after your first successful payment is received. Subsequent payouts are then processed according to your account’s payout schedule. This allows Stripe to mitigate some of the risks inherent in providing credit services.

You can view a list of all of your payouts and the date that they are expected to be received in your bank account in the Dashboard.

Communicating with your customers

You can find your customers’ contact information on both and Stripe. Stripe has the capability of exporting all of your customers’ emails into one list.

To communicate with individual customers, you can find their email and phone number in the Orders section of your account. Please use that information to contact your customer about inventory changes (“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize we were out of stock of this item!”), refunds, etc. Vendors are responsible for their customer service.

To upload a full list of customer emails:

  1. Login to your Stripe Account
  2. Go to “Customers” in the left hand menu
  3. Click on “Export” in the top right corner
  4. This will download a copy of your customer information and open in Excel
  5. Highlight the column of customer emails, copy, and paste into an email
  6. If you’re emailing a large group of customers at once, we recommend you “bcc” them so that their information remains private from everyone else on the email

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