Printing customer report labels

To print labels for customer orders, go to the Download Reports tab in your vendor dashboard, select Customer Order Report as the report type, choose a market hub and date range, and click the Download Label button.

Labels will open as PDF in a new tab. You can print them by clicking the printer icon.

Select US Letter (8.5" x 11") as the paper size and 4 as the number of pages per sheet. Set the scale to its maximum setting (200% in Firefox and "Fit to printable area" in Chrome).

Here are the settings I used for Firefox:

And here are the settings for Chrome:

These settings should yield a print preview that looks something like the following.

If you want to test an actual printout, set the page range to 1-4 as in the screenshots so that only the first set is printed and you don't waste a bunch of paper. Once you're satisfied with the results and want to print all labels, change the page range to "All."

If you'd like to use actual labels these should work:

To save money, simply print on regular paper, cut into quarters, and use packing tape.

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