Active Campaign Platform Overview

ActiveCampaign Platform Introduction and How to Use Templates

The ActiveCampaign Dashboard is home to all of your most important account information, offering a quick glimpse into some of your most important metrics.

Quickly launch into the most important parts of your account!

ActiveCampaign Dashboard Widgets


This is where all of your active subscribers are and where you will have the clearest idea of who is receiving your emails.


The latest news about the Platform! Keep an eye on this space for recent updates and other important news from ActiveCampaign.

My Tasks

This widget creates a personalized task summary for every user of an ActiveCampaign account that also has access to the CRM. To review a full list of tasks, you can head over to the ManageTaskspage.

All Contacts

The All Contacts widget displays the total number of contacts in your account; use the drop-down to see only active contacts. Understanding contact statuses is an important part of understanding ActiveCampaign!

Top Contacts

The Top Contacts widget gives you a quick glimpse of some of the most active contacts in your account. By default, it will display contacts with the most recent interactions with your materials. Use the dropdown menu to see top contacts as determined by the number of Contact Scorepointsthey've earned.


Quickly visit campaigns you're working on, check their status, or start a new campaign from the Campaign widget.

Manage Templates

Quickly visit a custom template, or pre-built templates, from this widget.

Create a campaign Quick Button

The button in the upper right corner of your dashboard gives you the ability to quickly create a campaign. Clicking on the drop-down arrow will also allow you to add a contact, Add a deal (if applicable), or Add a list.

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