Using Templates

Using and Importing Templates

FarmDrop will work with all Market Hub Managers to share templates that will help with simplifying marketing. FarmDrop Templates will automatically show in your Design Options when creating a new campaign, but if you would like to create your own templates that are Market Specific then below is how to do so. These templates can be found under Campaigns > Manage Templates

When you need to Import a new template sent to you by FarmDrop Admin you can go to Campaigns > Manage Templates and then click on the top right "Import a Template". Enter the specific URL sent to you by FarmDrop in the field and hit "Ok"

Once your Template is loaded you can edit it to fit your market needs. Just put your mouse over the template and click "Edit".

You are now editing the template itself, this will create the template for your campaigns for your Market.

To use Templates in your campaigns, go to "Create New Campaign". Follow the Steps to Creating your new Campaign. Select a Campaign Type:

Select a List:

Select a New Design or Template:

Then you will need to select a Sending Email:

You will then be in the Editing Page, once you have created the campaign you want to send, you can either "Save and Exit" (This will create a Draft to keep working on), or you can move on to the sending options.

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