Facebook and Instagram

Facebook Profile Tips

  1. Choose the right category for your business page
    We Suggest Farmers Market or Grocery under the "Local Business" Category
  2. Keep your URL simple and the same as your "handle"
    For example FarmDrop has https://www.facebook.com/farmdrop and our Facebook handle is @farmdrop. This makes it easy for customers to remember. We will work with you on this step to create your simple and consistent handles. 
  3. Add Profile information to help with customers finding you through online searching.
    This is under "Edit Page Info", use the address of your main pick-up location.

  4. Create your messaging details and customer notifications so customers feel heard.
    Customers love to contact FarmDrop Markets through the Facebook Messaging system, make sure you have your messaging system set up and ready to notify the correct team member of communication. We also recommend you set up an automatic replay so that if you are unable to respond quickly it will give customers an expectation i.e.: "Thanks for contacting FarmDrop, we love talking with our customers and will respond within 24hrs". This is under Page Settings > Messaging

Instagram Profile Tips

  1. Keep Your Profile description brief and the highlights, what areas you serve and bringing local food to the community:
    Make sure to have the URL in your profile direct to your FarmDrop Market.
  2. Tag your Market Farms on all posts that apply
    The community of FarmDrop is what makes us strong, make sure to tag the local farms and community organizations that are a part of your market. Also, tag @farmdropus so that we can share your posts!

  3. Highlight your farms and beautiful products!
    Let the Farms and Food speak for themselves with amazing photos and brief descriptions that customers love to see.
  4. Don't forget the people.
    Often a site that focuses on selling food forgets to also highlight the people who grow, create, and connect the community that grows it. Highest shared and engaged posts to highlight the people behind your market.

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