Starting Up -Quick Tips

1. Email Marketing and Automation: In the first few weeks of your market gaining sales and traffic you will need to rely heavily on your Active Campaign as the go-to source for customer notifications. Our automated sales cycle reminders only go to customers who have created accounts on the site so as those numbers build it's best to go with the "Open Market" reminder email on Saturdays coming from the Active Campaign list.

2. Open Email Template and Highlights: Here is a clean and simple template for you to add to your templates for your "Open Email" reminder. When you need to Import a new template sent to you by FarmDrop Admin you can go to Campaigns > Manage Templates and then click on the top right "Import a Template". Enter the URL: and hit "Ok". Add your market location information and a "New Product" highlight that links to the product. Make sure to create active links to all of your specific pages, the template does not have those in place.
4. Sharing Campaigns on Facebook: Unlike Mailchimp automatic campaign post through Active Campaign are not available, you can however share by using your campaigns specific URL and creating a post on Facebook, this will create the ability to add tags of other producers as well that would have not been available for automatic posting.
5. Share with your producers: Get your producers engaged in sharing links, posts, and notifications about your opening. 
6. Postcards at Pick-Up locations: Make sure to have the first batch of promotional postcards for your pick-up location partners to hand out and gain traction, as well as at any local businesses that will have engaged customers (Chamber of Commerce, local Cafe, flower shops, etc.)

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