Weekly Reports

Downloading Your Weekly Reports

Note: If you are having issues with your reports appearing in a new window as a downloaded item you may need to turn off your "Pop-Up" Blocker in your browser. Firefox and iOS are most common for this issue. Clicking "Preferences" then "Allow popups from farmdrop.us" allow you to view/download the files

Login to your Vendor Account and go to your Vendor Dashboard. 

Go to Download Reports

Choose the Market Hub you need to get the report for

Choose the type of Report, Inbound Reports are needed to be printed out and delivered with the products to the pick-up site each week. Customer Reports are for your record and may need to be printed for pick-up site distribution if additional information is needed.

Choose the date range you need to include, usually this needs to be the ordering period you are ending but can be any range you need the information for.

Hit Download Now and the report should appear as a PDF in a new window in your browser ready to print.

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