Managing Your Account Settings - Vendor

Managing Your Vendor Account Settings in FarmDrop

This is where you will change information about your access to FarmDrop, contact information, selling on Multiple Markets, and any market notifications you may be getting through an email newsletter and SMS settings.

Log In to Your Account

Once logged into your account go to "My Account" on the top navigation

Once you have entered your account settings area you may change the following settings:

Account Details & Market Choices

This is where you will be able to change things like Password, Email, Name, and the Markets you are selling in.  To Edit the Markets you wish to sell in scroll down to the following area under Account Details. Select the Markets you wish to sell and hit "Save Changes". You will need to be approved by each Market Hub Manager before your store is live for selling.

Notification Preferences

You may edit your notification preferences at any time by selecting what you would like to receive and "Saving Changes".

Newsletter Subscriptions

If you would like to change which email newsletters you receive, select the lists you would like to be subscribed to and "Save Changes".

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