Refunding Customers

Refunding Customers

Here are the steps to refund your customers, please note that you must also communicate with your Market Hub Manager through email that you have made these refunds so that they are clear on reasons. 


  • Go to your vendor dashboard
  • Click "Orders"
  • Click on the order you want to refund
  • Click "Request Refund"
  • Hover over the quantity box for the item(s) you want to refund and enter the number you want to refund
  • When all items you want to refund are set up, click the "Submit Refund Request" button
  • You will then see the refund information note: delivery/shipping costs are only refunded if the whole order is refunded

If you would like further explanation please watch the following demo video, or email with questions. You can also find more information about how your refunds happen from Stripe if you go to their website >>

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