Customizing Automated Emails for Customers

Customizing Automated Emails for Customers

Market Hub Managers (MHM) can control the content of emails per market. Admins only can toggle on/off delivery of emails.

  • Under the "Pick-up sites" tab, MHM can select the email content type. Selecting "Custom" will show a "Pickup Email Content" editor for them to customize the pickup email for that specific site 
  • Under the "Customization (Emails)" tab, the MHM can choose to use the default or custom emails for the market 
  • Under the "Customization (Emails)" tab, selecting "Custom" for an email will show a content editor box to customize the email for that market hub 

Demo Video

If you would like to have a video reference of this process you can find that here.farmdrop_email_content_customization.mp4

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