Changing product status in bulk

You can change the status of multiple products at once as follows.

View the list of products in your market hub by clicking the Products link in the sidebar.

If you'd like to see more items per page, click the Screen Options link at the top right, increase the number of items per page, and click Apply. The maximum number of items per page is 999.

Filter the product list as desired using the filters at the top. Click Published to show only products that are live on the site or Drafts to show products that are not. You can also filter by user, category, or stock status (click the Filter button after selecting any of these).

Once you've filtered the list, select the box next to the products for which you'd like to change the status. You can select all products on the page by clicking the box at the top of the list.

With the relevant products selected, open the Bulk Actions menu, select Edit, and click Apply. No changes will be made to the products yet.

In the Bulk Edit area that is revealed, you can select a different status for the selected products using the Status menu (among many other actions). Click the Apply button at the bottom to apply your changes. All selected products will be affected.

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