Customizing the market open and close banners

Your market hub's banners make the status of your market clear to your customers. There are three banners possible: an open banner, a close banner, and a disabled banner. If you provide the required text, the green open banner automatically displays during the time range you have set for your market to be open. The red close banner displays outside that range whether or not text has been provided. The disabled banner can be displayed during the time your market is normally open when it is temporarily unavailable.

You can customize the text that appears in the open and close banners as follows.

Click Market Hub in the left sidebar then the name of your hub to view its settings page.

On the Customization (Banners) tab are fields for custom open banner text and custom close banner text.

Text entered in the custom open banner field will be displayed in the green open banner when your market is open. If no text is provided in this field, the banner will not appear. The custom close banner field also accepts custom text, but this text will only be displayed if the "Which market hub close banner to use?" toggle is set to Custom. Note that the custom close banner text replaces the default text ("This market hub is currently closed."), so be sure to clearly indicate the market's status in any custom text. It is also a good idea to include the market's re-opening time so that customers know when to return.

Further down are settings for the disable banner. This banner is displayed when the market has been manually disabled on the Status tab at a time when it is normally open. You can choose to use the default text for the disable banner or select the Custom radio button and provide your own text.

Click the Update button to finalize your changes.

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