Selecting your market hub

If you find that your store isn't showing up on the front end of the site, the first thing to check is that you have the correct market hub selected in your account settings. You can do this as follows.

After logging in, click My Account in the main menu to go to your account settings. The My Account page is separate from your vendor dashboard.

On the Market Hub tab, you can select the market you are selling on as a vendor in the "Select your FarmDrop market" list. More than one market can be selected, but be sure you have already worked with the appropriate market hub mangers to be formally set up to sell on whichever markets you select in this list. The "Select your customer FarmDrop market" select menu applies to you as a customer and is the market you can order from when logged in to your vendor account. This selection can be changed at any time if you'd like to order from a different market without affecting your vendor status. Be sure to click Submit after making any changes to the fields on this tab.

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