Managing vendor training

The vendors in your market hub are required to complete training before selling in your market. The training site is at . An account should have already been set up for you at this site. You can log in to this account to monitor vendors' training progress as described below.

Go to and enter the credentials for the training site that were provided to you when you signed up as a market hub manager. Note that these credentials are different than those for the FarmDrop ecommerce site. If you have not yet received these credentials, please contact us. If you know your username but not your password, you can click the "Lost your password?" link to have a password reset email sent to you.

After logging in, you'll be presented with a list of your groups. Unless you manage more than one market hub, you will only see a single group. If for some reason you don't see this screen, hover over LearnDash LMS in the sidebar and click Groups in the flyout menu

Reviewing user progress through the admin interface

Click the List Users link to view the list of your group members.

On the user list screen, click the Report link to the right of any user to review the courses in which they are enrolled and their progress toward completing those courses.

The most useful section of the user detail screen is at the bottom, "Course progress details." This section lists the courses in which the user is enrolled and shows their progress toward completion of each course.

Clicking the "details" link for a course shows which specific steps a user has completed.

Reviewing user progress using a spreadsheet

If you like analyzing data using a spreadsheet (and even if you don't), you may find it useful to export all of your vendors' training progress as a CSV file rather than viewing user details one by one. You can do so by clicking the Export Progress link to the right of your group name.

Click "Open with" or "Save file" as desired. The downloaded CSV will most likely open in your default spreadsheet application. If you don't have a spreadsheet application installed, you can download LibreOffice here: .

Once the file opens as a spreadsheet, you can filter and sort it as needed to review your vendors' progress. For example, you might filter "course_title" by "Introduction to FarmDrop for Producers" and "steps_completed" by zero to see which vendors have not started that course.

As another example, you could filter "course_title " by "Producer Guide to Migration" and "course_completed" by "NO" to get a list of vendors who have not completed that course.

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