Using the FarmDrop help portal

We have tried our best to make the FarmDrop system user friendly and intuitive, but there are times when you, your vendors, or your customers may need some help. The first step toward obtaining such help is the FarmDrop knowledge base, accessible at .

The portal is divided into three sections: one for customers, one for vendors, and one for market hub managers. These sections are accessible through the blocks on the home page or the main menu. You can also choose to search the entire knowledge base using the search field at the top of the main content area.

Note that the sections on the home page do not always contain all articles: sometimes they only contain the most popular. To see all articles in a section, click the section heading or menu item to be taken to that section's landing page.

Again, the content area of the section landing page may contain a list of only the most popular articles rather than all of them. If none of the articles in the list seem to be what you're after, you can search the entire portal using the search field in the sidebar or browse the section you're in using the category links, also in the sidebar.

If searching and browsing doesn't turn up what you're looking for, feel free to use the contact link in the menu to send us a message.

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