Grouping and linking products for increased sales

Our current website has many capabilities that can help us link, group, and cross promote products from other products. The following information will help in the set up and execution of making this happen within producers pages. 

Step 1: Go to Products through Producer Vendor Dashboard

Step 2: Hover over a product and Select “Edit” from list of options

Step 3: Select Group Product from Product Type dropdown menu, if the product is related to other products within your store, otherwise leave it as Simple Product

Step 4: Select a Category that best fits your product from the Category dropdown menu. Notice there are updated categories for you to choose from! Also add any tags that fit your product. Tags are one word descriptors that tell you a little bit about what the product is. For example, for this soap I would use “local” and “selfcare”.

Step 5: Scroll down further to the “Linked Products” section.

Step 6: Under Upsells, list products that are higher value then the one you are currently under and other products that you recommend to customers. Under Cross-sells, list products that are similar to the one you are currently editing. For example, for Upsells for the Shaving Soap that I am editing, I have put other soaps, for Cross-sells I have put other shaving soaps that have different flavors. Lastly, under grouped products, list the products that are grouped with the one you are editing. For example, here I have grouped all the shaving products together. 


Step 8: View your edited products and see what you have done! In the image below, you can see the cross-sell products and the grouped products appearing next to the current product. When you click “view products” it takes you to the named product! This allows people to see options more easily and find what they are looking for.

Step 9: Scroll down on View your product to see how the Upselling works! In the image below you can see the Upsell products as recommended or “you might also like”. This will keep people interested in other products and hopefully visit your products in greater detail and also promote sales!

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