Setting up your account

Creating an Account 

  1. Register as a “I am a vendor” and fill out the required fields.
  2. Once you fill out the fields, check “I accept Terms & Conditions” and Register you will be brought to a quick three step sign up process. You may quickly go through these steps to set up your basic Producer profile, everything you enter here can also be changed later on your dashboard. If you would like to skip this quicker set up process follow the steps skip to number 2 below.
  3. Once you have finished the three step process you will be brought to your Vendor dashboard, is where you will see how to add products, see recent orders and track sales.

Update your store profile

You can add profile pictures, address, banking information in your store's profile.

  1. Go to “settings”, then “store”, and click on “upload banner”
  2. Click “upload files” in the top left tab
  3. Click “select files” to upload a picture from your computer
  4. Select photo, then click “select and crop” in bottom right hand corner. From there you can crop your photo or skip the cropping. Banner images that are 625px x 300px work best.
  5. Next, update your profile picture. The process is the same as adding your banner
  6. Select how many products per page you would like to showcase (we suggest a higher number so that customers don’t have to flip through several pages to see your products). For example, make sure there isn’t a second page with just one product on it.
  7. Type in your address
  8. Please include your email and phone number so that customers can contact you if they have questions or concerns 
  9. Enable tab on product single page view for customers to see full product description
  10. Click “update settings”

To add a profile description, please email a short profile description to, it will be entered for you by our admin.

Verification & Other Information to enter under Settings in Dashboard

ID - if you have a picture on your computer of one of the ID verification options then you’re all set, just upload it. If not, you can scan or simply take a picture of one of the options and then upload it to the site (use Shift + Command 4 to take a cropped photo, or Shift + Command + 3 for a full screen shot, save file, and upload from computer)

Social profiles

Add links to your social network sites and share your store on your social media platforms!

Store SEO

These are terms that help users search for your FarmDrop store on search engines. It will auto-populate with a title and you can add a description.

Viewing your store

Click on Shop Now at the top of the website to see how your picture and contact information are displayed

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