Temporarily disabling your market hub

There may be times that you want to temporarily disable your market hub, such as during the week of the Thanksgiving holiday. This can be done as follows.

After logging in, click Market Hub in the sidebar of the admin area then the name of your market hub to access the market hub settings.

On the Status tab, click the Market Hub Status toggle to switch it to Disabled. This change will not take effect until you click the Update button, but read on for additional recommended steps before finalizing your change.

On the Customization (Banners) tab, change the 'Which market hub "disable" banner to use?' radio button to Custom. This will reveal a text area where you can supply a custom message for the banner that displays when the market hub is closed.

Click Update to disable the market hub and display your custom banner message.

When you are ready to re-open, simply return to the market hub settings, change the "Market Hub Status" toggle to Enabled, and click Update. It is not necessary to disable the custom banner message that you created since it only displays when the market is disabled. Just remember to change it as necessary the next time you disable the market hub.

It's always a good idea to log in to the site as a customer to confirm that the changes you've made have taken effect on the front end.

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