Enable EBT payments

Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) payments can be enabled for your market per pickup location as follows.

To enable EBT payments for your market, go to your market hub settings and change the "Enable EBT Registration" toggle on the Status tab to Enabled. This will allow customers to register as EBT recipients by adding a checkbox to the customer registration form.

To accept EBT payments, they must be enabled for the appropriate pickup site(s). This can be done by switching to the Pick-up Sites tab and changing the Enable EBT Payments toggle within the relevant pickup site(s) to Enabled.

Click Update to finalize the changes.

Once EBT is enabled for a market hub, EBT customers will only see the pickup option and pickup locations that accept EBT payments. The order handling will be set to $0.

On the payment screen, these customers will simply be prompted to bring their EBT card to pickup.

After the order has been placed, it will remain in a Processing state until manually completed.

Both the PDF and CSV versions of the Customer Order Report flag EBT orders.

The PDF version of the Sales Report shows a breakdown per customer role, including the EBT role.

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