Edit and add products

Go back to your dashboard to add products, view orders, reports, etc.

Adding new products

  1. Go to Dashboard and select “Products” from the column on left.
  2. Click “Add new product” in the upper right corner. 
  3. Click on "Upload Product Image" and then "select files" to upload an image from your device. The image will open in your Media Gallery and be saved there. Click "Set featured image" button on the bottom right and the system will auto-crop. Note that rectangular images will not appear cropped within the square frame here, but they will appear correctly once in the store view. If you do not have a product image, a default FarmDrop logo image will be shown.
  4. You may add a second product image if desired by clicking the small box underneath the featured image, "Add gallery image" and following the steps above.
  5. Add product Title with measure unit (“Sauerkraut, 1 pint”; “Butternut squash, 2 lb”)
  6. The product type will be Simple.
  7. Add the price per unit. Optional, enter the discounted price, and click "Schedule" to add sale dates.
  8. Add a short description of the product. (“Fermented cabbage”; “Winter squash”; “½ pint”). This description appears directly under the product name and price on the product’s viewing page.
  9. Choose the appropriate product category from the dropdown list.
  10. Use tags to help customers search, "organic, frozen, fresh" tags will only work if they have already been created in the system
  11. Select Product Chain from the dropdown list. "Refrigerated, etc.".
  12. Add a longer product description to provide more detail, suggest recipes, or recommended uses. For prepared foods, this is a good place to list ingredients. This will show up at the bottom of the product's viewing page.
  13. Click "Create and Add New" to save the product and immediately add another product. When done with the last product, click "Create Product" and you will be directed to the Edit Product screen to add inventory details.

Adding Inventory Details

  1. For each new product, add SKU and Stock status. You may check the box to enable product stock management. 
  2. Enable product stock management and enter the inventory number (If you have a total of 10lbs and are selling them per 1lb in your product title then you want to add 10 as inventory, and hopefully sell out!) You may select a Low Stock Threshold to receive a notification when the remaining inventory reaches the selected number. You may also checkboxes to limit customers to one item per order. 
  3. Use the Linked Products feature to add upsells and cross-sells. For training on this feature, see LearnDash.
  4. Products that have multiple flavors, sizes, or other distinguishing factors can use the Attributes feature to add product variety without adding separate products. 
  5. You may enable bulk discounts here, entering minimum quantity and percent discount.
  6. Select product status (online or draft) and visibility (visible, catalog, search, or hidden) to control what is visible to customers. Rather than deleting an out-of-stock item, make it hidden to customers. 
  7. Note: Never delete products that have been sold during an ordering period before you download your weekly orders for that week. Doing so will make you unable to pull the report since the system will not be able to find the product. Instead, set the visibility to hidden.
  8. You may add a product-specific purchase note here, which will appear on the customer order email.
  9. Click “Save Product” at the bottom right.
  10. When editing inventory on existing products from Dashboard, click Products to see a list of all products. Hover over a product to click Edit and follow the steps above.

I don't see this: If you want customers to have the option to review your products, enable that option at the bottom of this page.

You may duplicate items as a way to create a new product and then edit in order to rename, or add other slight differences and save time on getting your inventory ready. Alternatively, you can use the Attributes feature described above.

Creating Variable Options for your product- Please see the information on the following link and contact us once products have been created so they can be reviewed. This is a complicated process and so we want to make sure everything is ready for purchase.

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