Sell to EBT/Pay Later customers

If your market allows Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) payments at pickup, you can determine which products are visible to EBT customers by toggling the EBT visibility option on the product edit screen.

By default, all products are visible only to Retail Customers. If no products have been selected as visible to EBT customers, your store will not be a part of the EBT program for your market.

EBT customers will see only an Pay Later option at checkout; market hub managers and pickup location coordinators will have to process the payments manually when customers present their EBT card at pickup. Market hub managers and pickup location coordinators will then pay producers manually from the funds they collect through the EBT payments to their bank accounts at the end of each month.

Vendor sales reports will identify the total owed to vendors in EBT customer sales each month to support accounting and cross-verification between market hub managers and vendors. Market hub managers also have access to these reports in order to write the checks.

Once paid, market hub managers or vendors will mark all processing orders as complete.

New features are coming soon to make this process more seamless for producers, customers and market hub managers, but the more participation we get with our current EBT / Pay Later program the sooner we will be able to prioritize this technology development.

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