Product titles, categories, tags, descriptions

Set Up Product Titles, Descriptions, Categories & Tags

You’ve added beautiful photos of your product, set a price, and any discounts, and now it’s important you follow these precise instructions on how to build the products into your storefront.

Title - You want to title your product accurately so it tells the customer exactly what they’re getting, in the right order. Imagine they are in an isle at a grocery store, and are looking for eggs. They need to see ,“eggs, 1 dozen”, and quickly observe the distinguishing characteristics such as "free-range" or "organic". So your product title should be, “eggs, free-range, 1 doz” or “carrots, organic, 1lb”. See tags section below to learn how make you products searchable for customers looking for items Organics.

Short Description - Your title doesn’t always sell your product, add a short description about how your product is unique, how it’s produced, or key ingredients that make a difference. Add your ingredient list to the longer description, for the kind of shoppers that always read the back of the package. Preparation methods are great as well. Or maybe some taste attributes. Maybe your product has a cultural significance.  Meat producers might suggest how to best cook their particular cut. Create the product’s word picture!

Categories - Start with the main category: so “Vegetable”, for lettuce, and “Meat” for lamb chops, and then add subcategories like lamb, as well as secondary categories tat might apply. Products must be placed in a Category so that it doesn’t default to “ETC” as it will not be visible where customers are looking for it. Not sure where it belongs? Browse the front side of your or another FarmDrop Market Hub to see how other producers are categorizing products.

Tags - You can further boost the searchability of your products by tagging them correctly. After choosing the correct Category, tag your item with any additional details that a customer might use to search such as “organic”, “free range”, “gluten free”, “vegan”, etc… Don’t go overboard--choose 1-3 potent tags that help highlight key features.

Product Storage - this is very important for food safety and liability, as it helps market hub managers know how to handle your product at distribution points, as well as communicate with customers about how the product was handled along the way. So if the product says frozen, the customer will know there is an issue if it arrives thawed. 

Thank you for following our guidelines, this makes the whole market hub and network operate more smoothly and boosts sales.
~ The FarmDrop Team

Now that you’re all set up, spread the word.

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