Designate special pricing and inventory for special customer roles

You can set specific pricing and inventory for certain types of customers on specific products. Currently these customers include wholesalers, and discount wholesalers like food pantries and meal sites to whom you might want to sell surplus.

**No special pricing can be applied for EBT Customers but you will need to make products visible to EBT customers, if you want to opt-in to that program. See related article!

Special pricing and inventory for Wholesale customers is set in your vendor dashboard on a per product basis. If you'd like to set pricing rules, you can do so as follows.

After logging in, go to Vendor Dashboard > Products and view the product for which you'd like to set special prices.

For simple products, the two relevant sections—"Wholesale Pricing (By User Roles)" and "Inventory (By User Roles)"—are at the bottom of the product edit screen. For variable products, pricing and inventory fields for special customers are found within each variation.

Click the Add Rule button to add a price for a specific type of customer. In the new row that appears, select the type of customer who will receive the discount in the User Role field. Then select the type of discount (a fixed dollar amount or a percentage) in the Adjustment Type field. The number entered in the Value field should be either a dollar amount or a percentage, depending on what was selected in the Adjustment Type field. Only numbers should be provided in the Value field; percentage and dollar symbols are unnecessary. The Min Qty (minimum quantity) and Max Qty (maximum quantity) fields define a range and refer to the quantity of product that the type of customer selected in the User Role field is allowed to purchase. The according price will only show once the inventory limit is reached. Leaving one of these fields blank means that there is no limit other than that determined by the normal inventory field. Clicking Save Product will make the price adjustment active on the live site. To remove the adjustment, click the button in the Remove Rule column and then save the product.

You can reserve a specific quantity of product for customers with one of the special roles using the table in the "Inventory (By User Roles)" section for simple products or one of the inventory fields separated out by user role for variable products, though this is not required. If a value is entered for a customer role, customers in that role will see that number as the number available on the product page. However, if the quantity entered in the normal inventory field for the product is less than any number entered here, that value will take precedence. The first screenshot below shows an example of special pricing values for a simple product, and the second shows an example of a variation on a variable product.

The above values would result in a customer designated as a wholesaler seeing 55 of a product available. However, because minimum and maximum values have been defined for the 10% and 20% discounts, the customer would only receive one of the discounts if the number purchased is within that range. The A table showing the discounts and quantity requirements for those discounts is shown on the product page to the relevant customers.

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