Getting Your Market Hub Set Up to Accept EBT / Pay Later

Important Links

The following resources, contacts, and instructions will help you get set up to accept EBT/Pay Later on your FarmDrop market hub.

Market Link

State Grant Program

Contacts by state

Payment Procesing

Important Contacts


Maine Department of Health and Human Services
19 Union St.
State House Station 11
Augusta, ME 04333

Mr. Don Ellis, EBT Program Manager
(207) 624-4155

New York

New York Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
Center for Employment and Economic Supports
40 N. Pearl St., 9th Floor, Section D
Albany, NY 12243

Mr. Luke Posniewski, EBT Director
Employment and Income Support Programs
(518) 473-2578
(518) 474-5281 (Fax)

Step 1 - Start New Application

  • Choose farmers market 
  • Owner can be an individual farm / or market hub manager food business 

* It can take 3-6 weeks to get the EBT card processing machine (machine is free)

Step 2 - Download Payment Processing App

Phone Training available to walk you through how to set up the different merchants (your participating vendors) that you are going to be paying out each month.

Step 3 - Communicate with Stakeholders

Getting Your EBT Customers Engaged

  1. How does EBT / Pay Later work for customers
  2. Marketing flyer to recruit EBT / Pay Later Customers
  3. Register as an EBT/Pay Later customer

What Your Producers Need to Know about EBT / Pay Later

  1. How it works for Producers to opt-in to EBT / Pay Later
  2. Sell to EBT/Pay Later customers

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